Disaster on the Blog

In the Distance
Square Top near Pagosa Springs, Colorado


What a day. To ready for a new post, I wanted to catch up with many of the blogs I read regularly. Since I was away from my desk but seated while waiting for an appointment, I thought I would use the reader function of the WordPress app I have installed on my Iphone. I have found it to be quite handy and have used it many times.

I was far into this process when I received an email and discovered that for some unknown reason, each blog that I opened to read was somehow being re-blogged onto my site. In short order, I also received several email notifications that I had subscribed to a number of WordPress blogs that I have never read or even seen.

Long story, cut short, is that you, my kind readers, were barraged with emails or had a clogged reader feed because my app was haunted.

I apologize. Had I known what was happening, I would at least have offered up some kind introductions and kudos to the authors of the many posts that were unceremoniously reblogged. But it was not until I received the automatic email that I send to myself each time I post that I realized something was amiss. I think I counted email notification for 14 new posts on my blog. If only I was so prolific.

Hopefully by uninstalling and reinstalling my app as the WordPress support suggested, the goblin is gone. And hopefully, the next time you see something from Winsomebella, you’ll not be afraid to check it out.

So much for efficiency and time-saving on my Iphone…..I think I learned not to ever try that app again.

So sorry!

I offer up a favorite photo of mine along with my sincerest apology.

Prompt Me


Prompt me.

Tell me what it is I am to remember to do when the snow begins falling and the world turns cold again.

Make sure I get the snow shoes ready. 

Prompt me to get the plow equipped. 

Remind me to stock up on soup, good books, some reds, hot chocolate and a movie or two.

Remind me that I need to squint or wear sunglasses when the sun makes the white meadow twinkle.

Make sure I don’t forget how much fun snow can be. 

Consider me prompted.