La Vie en Rose




My best medicine is a long walk with my dog. I start each day this way and on the days I consider particularly successful, she and I cover many miles.

I feed on the hint of sunrise and take deep breaths of cold, dry air. No one is near, except the geese I hear readying to rise from the lake. Light is changing and I can see the pink-colored mountains. I do not think a camera could suitably capture this light or the view. It is a scene that will start my day off right.

What might happen if we could all start the day in sight of the natural world? What if we postponed the headlines and the updates and the emails and the sound bites long enough to change the outlook?

In case you haven’t tried some today, here’s a breath of that cold, dry air. It will do you good, I think. 🙂

Clear Creek

The cold and dark of winter

can’t stop the flow beneath the surface.