Life Pictured

Near Aspen, Colorado

Along the Top of the Rockies Scenic Byway

First Stop: Utah

Queen’s Walk, Bryce Canyon, Utah

Aspens near Lucky Dog Ranch

Mt. Nevis: Nevis, West Indies

Ghost Mine: Creede, Colorado

Evening View: From Deck of Lucky Dog Ranch

Cottage at Black Sand Cove: Nevis, West Indies

V-Rock Trail, Archuleta County, Colorado

Mt. Evans, Colorado

Sonoran Mission: Tucson Arizona

View toward the Source of the Rio Grande: Colorado

Lake Cristobal: Near Lake City, Colorado

Mt. Evans, Colorado

Sunset on Jackass Hill: Littleton, Colorado

Near Buckles Lake, Colorado

Aspens near Pagosa Springs, Colorado

Black Sand Cove: Nevis, West Indies

Sonoran Mission: Tuscon, Arizona

Bryce Canyon National Park: Utah

Buckles Lake, Colorado

Chicago Skyline at Night

Sunflower: Kansas

Grave at Battle of Bighorn: Montana

Zion National Park: Utah

Balloon Festival: Colorado

Kite Festival: Denver, Colorado

Spring Morning: Lucky Dog Ranch

Cattle Drive: Alpine Lakes Ranch, near Pagosa Springs, Colorado

To Sea: Nevis, West Indies

Chicago Lakefront

Rio Grande Canyon, Near Taos, New Mexico

Vancouver, BC

Vancouver, BC

Roxborough Park: South of Denver, Colorado

Bryce Canyon National Park: Utah

Near Ghost Ranch: Abiquiu, New Mexico

Waterfront: Vancouver, BC

Ghost Ranch: Abiquiu, New Mexico

Market at Granville Island: Vancouver, B.C.

Virgin River in Zion National Park, Utah

Bryce Canyon National Park

Aspens: Near Pagosa Springs, Colorado
Buckles Lake Trail, Archuleta County, Colorado
Beach Boats: Nevis, West Indies
Pelican: Nevis, West Indies
Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado
Christmas Day: Rocky Mountain National Park
Christmas Day 2010: Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado
Lonely Cemetery: Saguache, Colorado
Sunset on Fire

Window in Winter: Santa Fe, New Mexico

48 thoughts on “Life Pictured

  1. You and my sister are two of my most favorite photographers! Your amazing pictures inspire me. I now want to go to Nevis for sure with Karl. Your writing has brought me to tears and laughter and I can relate to many of your stories. I can’t wait to see you dance someday….and then I will know you got what you were really looking for. Love ya!

  2. Photography enthusiast? Yeah, and Michael Jordan was just a basketball player. This is the work of an accomplished professional. Spectacular.

  3. Really great pictures Stacia – inspiring! Made me get that travel bug, good thing we are heading to Alaska soon! Hopefully my pictures will grasp some of the same beauty you were able to capture. Keep up the blog, it has been great to follow! And take some fun pictures with my parents this weekend, I know they are excited to come out and spend some time with you!

  4. Beautiful… (yes, I meant the woman you are & your pictures)… Just think….you’ve got a friend who lives in the west indies now! ME! I’m always on the run going from the USVI to the BVI and to Puerto Rico however… so I stick pretty close to my sailing area….i do go down island 2-3 times a year….nice to have been able to look at nevis through your camera lens though!


    • Happy to have a friend in the West Indies……I am certain you see lots of beauty there each day. Will follow along with you and imagine sailing the seas, till I go again. Thanks for stopping by…….

  5. I agree with the guy who said these are the work of a professional level photographer. There is no doubt about that! Breathtaking even on a small computer screen. What a happy, inspiring blog you run! Keeps me wondering what wonders will be next.

    • Thanks bronxboy. I’ve had a home just outside of Pagosa Springs since 2000. Lived there full-time for five years, but now split my time between here and there. Do you get to visit Pagosa? Small town, small world–maybe I know your sister?

  6. These are beautiful, winsomebella. Each one of these pictures seems to be crafted with love. That is important to get it just right. I am lucky to’ve come here and seen these.

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  9. I’ve never been to Colorado, and you’ve given me lots of reasons to go. I love Bryce Canyon. Thanks for the truly lovely photos!

  10. My dearest, two great things here tonight: 1–I FINALLY found the email-subscription button on your site (for some reason it wouldn’t appear before now), so I think that’s finally set up; 2–I got to see this page. *Breathtaking* imagery right through, simply stunning. These beauties do speak for themselves, and need no further words. Anyway, I have none.

  11. These photos are nothing short of amazing. My husband and I have been to Colorado several times, but none of our photos could do it justice. Absolutely beautiful.

  12. G.L.O.R.I.O.U.S. Wow. Simply breathtaking shots. Thanks for sharing these. Colorado looks gorgeous and contrasted with Utah – amazing. I really, really loved the Tucson pics too.

  13. Each photo is more beautiful than the other….thanks for sharing, it was trip to the candy store of images…

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