Good and Beauty

A quick hello to you this week—-

Yesterday, I worked on remembering there is good and beauty in our world—-all around.

Here are two of the last posts from Through the Lens of We that I hope will make you smile today.

If nothing else, you should get a chuckle from the photo of my very bad hair day  :-).  

Peace, friends.

26 thoughts on “Good and Beauty

  1. That happens to be a beautiful picture of you. If I didn’t know better. I’d say you were modeling for a new perfume fragrance called ‘Desert Wind”.

  2. Quite a windblown winsomebella, indeed. And, yes there is plenty of good and beauty in the world – as long as we don’t forget to look for it.

  3. There is beauty in the world, we must ensure that the troubled and desperate for attention media, tv’s and talk show hosts do not overshadow that.. c

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