Your Lucky Day

At Independence Pass, near Aspen, Colorado

At Independence Pass, near Aspen, Colorado

You might recall this picture if you have been around here a while.

I used it in my Luckiest is Me post which was written on John’s birthday. 

This time around, it’s here to make a big announcement.   (And to tempt you with the opportunity to see more than the rear view of John.)

I have lots of pictures of the back side of John, many moments when I have captured him in the process of taking a picture.  I have plenty more pictures in which he is facing me, but hidden behind his camera. That shows, I guess, just how much he loves photography.  (His passion for photography started when he was in his twenties.  His passion for me, of course, is no less strong–simply not as long-lived. :-))  

As I said in my last post, I have been busy writing and taking pictures and doing the other things that fill up my life.  I’ve also been watching over John’s shoulder as he preps his photographs for a show at a local venue that will happen in June.   We often stand side-by-side and click the shutter of a nearly identical view, but in my over-the-shoulder analysis, I noticed that his pictures end up with far greater depth and clarity and brilliance than do mine.   Could it be that’s because I always fiddle around between the “big” shots and am taking even more pictures of John taking pictures?

Anyway, I said last week that I would soon share exciting news.  It seems only right that you should be among the first to know and that you should be invited to join us on our big day.

Yes, we have decided to plunge.

Yes, we are ready to take a very big step.  

Yes, we are poised to hitch together our tomorrows.

It’s true.

And so amazing to announce: 

We have decided to blog together!

wedding invite

Please click here to RSVP and sign our guest book.  

No gifts, please.  Your gift will be your presence.

Please note:  Since I am no longer a “marrying” kind of girl, I should let you know that I will also be keeping my name and my space at


We look forward to seeing you at Through the Lens of We.

50 thoughts on “Your Lucky Day

  1. This is so wonderful! Congratulations!! ;-D
    I love it! (You just might have encouraged me to re-explore my blog.)

  2. Awesome! Happy for you and John. I’ve actually seen him from the front and I’ll vouch that he’s quite the gentleman. I’ve always said two lens are better than one. Well, you can’t prove that I haven’t.

    Just one question, is the reception open bar?

    See you over there.

  3. How awesome. I’ll definitely be stopping by both places. I am so excited to learn more about both of your photography. 🙂

  4. Ah Bella, you had me going for a minute, thinking this was going to be a different kind of announcement. So creative and you two seem perfect together – for blogging together and everything else. 🙂

  5. Congrats for making a major decision and for giving it such a great name. Any biker couple who rides through snow-capped-mountain passes deserves an enthusiastic toast. Here’s to a match made in the Universe!

  6. This sounds like a very interesting experiment. Do you have separate and different roles on the new blog you will be publishing? I look forward to seeing the results, and meantime, congratulations.

      • I consider myself the curator and editor of the new site. Will probably add a few of my photos to the mix but most will be John’s. I hope to continue Winsomebella as a forum for my writing and my pics too. Thanks ShimonZ.

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