La Vie en Rose




My best medicine is a long walk with my dog. I start each day this way and on the days I consider particularly successful, she and I cover many miles.

I feed on the hint of sunrise and take deep breaths of cold, dry air. No one is near, except the geese I hear readying to rise from the lake. Light is changing and I can see the pink-colored mountains. I do not think a camera could suitably capture this light or the view. It is a scene that will start my day off right.

What might happen if we could all start the day in sight of the natural world? What if we postponed the headlines and the updates and the emails and the sound bites long enough to change the outlook?

In case you haven’t tried some today, here’s a breath of that cold, dry air. It will do you good, I think. ๐Ÿ™‚

Clear Creek

The cold and dark of winter

can’t stop the flow beneath the surface.

48 thoughts on “La Vie en Rose

  1. This really struck a chord with me Stacia. I need to stop checking messages on my phone/ computer first thing in the morning. There’s plenty of time for the news, demands, etc. after a bit of REAL life.
    Thanks for that!
    p.s. Rosie is adorable

  2. What a sweet walking buddy you have. Rose is a beauty. I could hear the geese as you mentioned them, and so often, it’s true that the camera just can’t do justice to the colors our eyes behold. Thanks for sharing this beautiful morn with us.

  3. I am in love with Rosie. How could you not go for a walk every morning with those eyes looking at you? And I agree: a dose of the out-of-doors every morning heals whatever ails ‘ya.

  4. Ah….looks like a “fresh” morning! I really need to get back into my morning walk routine. I really enjoy it, but I tend to slack off in the cold winter months.

  5. Although it is far from crisp here in Florida, I like to start the day with my Shelby. If it is foggy, we are often soaked by the time we get back home. But the days we see the sunrise – magical.

  6. Rosie seems very patient with you taking her picture when it looks like she’s ready for that walk to get going. ๐Ÿ™‚ We hit the low 50s today, which I love, but your lovely photo makes me think a snowy walk in the mountains would make for a bracing, mind-opening day.

  7. I know what youโ€™re talking about, winsomebella. I usually start my day the same wayโ€ฆ with a long walk with my cat. Unfortunately, because sheโ€™s a cat, she sometimes tires before me and goes home. But we do enjoy our walks together. This morning we didnโ€™t go out because of the stormy weather. But theyโ€™ve promised snow by noon, so we might take a walk in the snow a little later. That is a beautiful picture, you finished with.

  8. There is something magical about taking a walk especially in the morning.. For my dogs and i the walk comes after the chores, but it is still a good way to start the day.. c

  9. It’s after nine for you already. Eight for me. I haven’t ventured outside at all today. Too much ice everywhere. Tomorrow I’m signing up for Silver Sneakers at the YMCA. Must get these bones moving again. I want to be able to walk in some woods like you so generously photographed today. Took me back to my childhood winters in Montana. Thanks so much.

  10. What a wonderful walking partner you have. I can imagine how excited she gets when she sees you put on your coat, scarf and boots–and then you open the door. It’s a fresh, cool, beautiful day out there! Love all your pictures.

  11. I would love to start each day this way. But first, I’d need a dog…

    Where my son lives in Highlands Ranch, there is an amazing trail system right across from his house. When we visit him we try to go running there at least every other morning. I’d like to think that if I had a trail like that right outside my door that I would use it every day. I hope I would.

  12. What kind of ‘puppy’ is Rosie? Our pups are too old for walks, but what a treat it is to enjoy the great outdoors with our furry friends. A great way to start the day – for certain.

  13. What a grand way to start the day Bella! My dog’s Rozie too, but we are both verging on elderly and pacing ourselves. Glad to share your fresh air walk though and how beautifully you describe everything. A delightful post – like a breath of fresh air. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. I live in that place, or one much like it, but I start each day with a rush to grab a piece of toast and hop in my car to zoom off, without ever really looking at the beauty around me.

    I love the idea of the way you start your day; in theory. For me the problem is I’m just not a morning person. Or the greater problem…I have to go to work.

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