Wandering Heart

I have won the lottery if one thinks that seeing beautiful places is worth more than all the money in the world. Opportunity and a little luck have combined with circumstance and I am wandering again.

Last week, Montana and Glacier Park. This week, Big Sur and Yosemite.

I am delirious.

My head is centered by home. But my heart, it is a wanderer.

Here are some pictures I took of Montana and Glacier, via Instagram. Which adds a bit to the dreaminess.

I am off to cash in more winnings to share with you soon.

Till then, I hope you find beauty along the road you travel.

“That’s why I have to go back

to so many places

there to find myself

and constantly examine myself

with no witness but the moon

and then whistle with joy,

ambling over rocks and clouds of earth,

with no task but to live,

with no family but the road.”

—-Pablo Neruda





55 thoughts on “Wandering Heart

  1. Yes, you have won the lottery! Those are all such amazing places to experience. But visiting them so close together might be like too much candy on Halloween night! πŸ™‚

  2. So Beautiful!!!! Thanks for sharing them. I was at Big Mountain this summer…It was beautiful then and will be now too. This is such a beautiful time of year for your great photos! Can’t wait to see them.


  3. I’m planning a surprise “spontaneous” trip for my husband to Yosemite this week. Perhaps, we will cross paths – look for the overweight stick figure with the blue glasses.
    Gorgeous photos – can’t wait to see your Yosemite and Big Sur posts.

  4. Dear Winsome:
    These photos are so beautiful they give rise in me an overflowing feeling of gratitude of being alive to see thru your eyes the miracle that nature provides. Your vision pinpoints the very essence of the ordinary and the extraordinary. You have a gift and thank you for sharing it with me and all the rest of your viewers.

    • When I called to make reservations at the lodge they told me that they were closing for the season that weekend but if I wanted to stay in one of their two guest cottages that remain open during the winter they would leave the key under the mat. I had the place to myself for much of the weekend. Heaven!

  5. Oh, my dear, you truly have the artist’s eye and the mind of a poet. Your first remarks read like poetry. Thank you so much for sharing your Montana adventure.

  6. You are tempting me with these images. I am such an east coast girl, but this is so tempting. Gorgeous photos as always Stacia. Enjoy every moment!

  7. There is a lot of richess in a wandering heart and these photographs are proof of that. If you have a wandering heart like me, but can’t afford to travel, these pictures really are worth a thousand words

    • The Going to the Sun road was closed for road work prior to winter so I didn’t get to go on it this time. I remember it being very narrow and the drop off is quite spectacular!

  8. Oh my goodness! I am so far behind on reading posts, Stacia – but am I really this far behind? Early October?! These are gorgeous. I am in awe. Goodness how I love your words and pictures. Yes, you’ve won the lottery for certain.

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