Brief and Passionate

A Far View


β€œI am too rich already, for my eyes mint gold.”

Mervyn Peake


A horned owl woke me after midnight, late enough that the moon had risen above the ridge and there was light enough to see him.

He speaks to me, now and then, saying in that forceful way of his that I had best not forget who sent him my way.  He reminds me that I should not sleep past the time in the morning when the coyote walks across the meadow. 

He jolts me from sleep and fortifies my resolve to not let the next day go by without notice.

Around the Bend

This may be why aspens are loved.

As the sun moves toward the other side of the world, the aspens fire up a splendid last hurrah to interrupt an erroneous sense of perpetual summer.  And they spark a brief and passionate love affair that is over too soon.    

Aspens whisper through the nip of a north wind that suggests a change and they tell me, in that potent way that they do, that I had better stop and look.  They remind me that I should not snooze away my days.  Because if I am not diligent, they will slip away, unnoticed.

And so, I stop to see. 


Study in Contrasts



Quiet Reflection


We can’t help but share the gold we have in Colorado—check out these blog posts for other beautiful views. 


Colorado Fall Foliage by lovelivingincolorado

A Golden Day… Colorado! by Inside Out Cafe

Surrounded by Eye Candy – A Photo Essay by Susie Lindau’s Wild Ride

82 thoughts on “Brief and Passionate

    • You need to come this way and see for yourself. I just went to your blog and realized it was one of those I had lost on my reader when I switched things around so am glad to get caught up with you again πŸ™‚

  1. Wonderful fall colours! The aspen are just starting their journey to gold here too, and while I don’t look forward to winter, it is hard not to love autumn.
    Last night I stood on the back deck and admired the stars. A great horned owl hooted a few times.
    Isn’t it wonderful how there are so many places in North America where Aspens and Great Horned Owls are a fact of life!

  2. Beautiful thoughts and words. A few of our maples and sumac are starting to turn. But it’s too soon for a display like you have in these photos, and the hard summer probably means a poor showing this year. Ah well, I can also pop back over to this post. πŸ™‚

  3. Stunning photos, Stacia, and I love your words that went with them. Seeing your beautiful golden aspens makes me excited about going on our trip to New England next month. I’m hoping our timing will be just right to see the leaves in their fall splendor. Is this the week you see Big Al?

  4. Ah, Autumn – it’s in the air now. I love the smell and look of it and I can even hear it coming. Lovely photos, bella and a lovely tribute to such a wonderful time of year. Do you miss the end of summer or look forward to the quiet of the next seasons?

  5. Thank you for sharing your beautiful state with us. Fall is on her way. Having been in a classroom for oh so many years from the time I arrived at 6 and left at 4, 5 or 6…I love relishing fall wherever she is.

  6. Beautiful! I am waiting for the colours to look like this here. My words could not match yours but we have some pretty spectacular fall colours.

  7. Love these photos Bella. But I am dismayed to say I did not see any beautiful trees like this when I visited the Denver area last October. Where do I need to go to see foliage like this?

  8. October is often too late. And you need to get to the higher elevations where aspens are massed… must leave the city and the foothills behind and get to higher and more remote areas, some of which are within an hour or so of Denver. A couple of beautiful drives close to Denver are Guanella Pass and the Peak to Peak highway. There are fabulous places all over the state (Million Dollar Highway, Silver Thread, Independence Pass). The color starts earliest in the highest elevations and the most northern parts of the state and gradually moves lower and more southward. If you decide to try again, I would love to share other ideas with you.

  9. Lovely words and beautiful photographs. You can drown in a landscape like that. A very wise owl indeed to get you up to such a sight as that. Even in moonlight it would be breathtaking.

  10. Sure makes my heart race to see these. Remind me the next time I travel through the Rockies to borrow your camera. It works so much better than mine.

  11. Oh boy, I’m suddenly missing my Alberta youth – as I look out at the evergreen of B.C.’s coast. However, I’ll rise with passion in the winter when the rest of my country wrestles with snow shovels.

    This is truly a treat for my eyes…panning for gold on the ‘net! (That’s such an apropos quote.)

  12. Colorado looks so enticing. I love the bright blue and golden hues.

    My two favorite lines are about the aspens firing up a last hurrah and whispering through the nip of a north wind. You have such a powerful poetic way with words. Your writing and photographs compliment each other beautifully.

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