49 thoughts on “Think of This

  1. I once bought “native flowers” at a garden nursery and my neighbor told me they were weeds ! I’ve seen photos of fields of dandelions that were allowed to grow (on purpose) & are

    • I so appreciate you asking B. I am in one of those Life Happens phases……joy and sorrow, good and bad distractions. I have been away from reading and writing and feel unbalanced because of it…. but soon….this too will pass. Hugs to you and thank you again 🙂

  2. I am glad this meant something to you and I send you warm thoughts and hope you may have the opportunity to be nourished by the beauty of nature. It is amazingly healing for me :-). And I must say, even your comments are astoundingly beautiful. You are the finest wordsmith.

  3. My garden and I have come to an agreement. I won’t disturb her plans by removing the weeds – they are as Marvin says flowers growing in the wrong place.

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