Disaster on the Blog

In the Distance
Square Top near Pagosa Springs, Colorado


What a day. To ready for a new post, I wanted to catch up with many of the blogs I read regularly. Since I was away from my desk but seated while waiting for an appointment, I thought I would use the reader function of the WordPress app I have installed on my Iphone. I have found it to be quite handy and have used it many times.

I was far into this process when I received an email and discovered that for some unknown reason, each blog that I opened to read was somehow being re-blogged onto my site. In short order, I also received several email notifications that I had subscribed to a number of WordPress blogs that I have never read or even seen.

Long story, cut short, is that you, my kind readers, were barraged with emails or had a clogged reader feed because my app was haunted.

I apologize. Had I known what was happening, I would at least have offered up some kind introductions and kudos to the authors of the many posts that were unceremoniously reblogged. But it was not until I received the automatic email that I send to myself each time I post that I realized something was amiss. I think I counted email notification for 14 new posts on my blog. If only I was so prolific.

Hopefully by uninstalling and reinstalling my app as the WordPress support suggested, the goblin is gone. And hopefully, the next time you see something from Winsomebella, you’ll not be afraid to check it out.

So much for efficiency and time-saving on my Iphone…..I think I learned not to ever try that app again.

So sorry!

I offer up a favorite photo of mine along with my sincerest apology.

74 thoughts on “Disaster on the Blog

  1. I thought you were just being an enthusiastic sharer of favourite blogs today πŸ™‚ Either that or it was for some new award that I’ve never heard of because no one actually posts about it, they just reblog their picks.

  2. A very beautiful photo, winsomebella… and not such a disaster. Couldn’t help but wonder why you were suddenly reblogging so many items, but it was interesting learning which blogs you read… and some of them were very interesting. That is one of the little dangers of relying on modern technology… there are many… but most are not terrible.

  3. I thought you had hit a goldmine of blog geniuses that you just had to share with us. Right away. Every five minutes. πŸ˜‰ I’m sure it didn’t take long for any of us to figure out something was amiss technologically speaking. We have all had our moments. No harm done.

  4. I saw those come in, one by one…and I laughed and wondered what you had been up to! Then I thought you had written posts and intended publication over several days…then I saw they were reblogged. Thanks for clearing up the mystery!

  5. Ahh technology, you gotta love it – or not. But as you can see from your real fans, there was no lasting foul. Just an interesting experience in the mishaps that internet gremlins can provide. Enjoy always, T

  6. Chuckling! I looked down at my phone which kept buzzing wildly and there was one post after another from you. I assumed you had been in the wild and had just reached civilization where wi-fi could send your posts. But when I saw they were all reblogs, I thought, why not check them out? You might not have meant to send them, but they probably got a little traffic from it. Glad you cleared up the confusion.

  7. Whew! I was afraid you’d been hacked (though I’ve no idea what purpose it would serve to re-blog a bunch of stuff…) Glad you figured out the problem.
    I *did* find some new friends in the process though! πŸ˜‰

  8. Ain’t technology grand?

    I sadly couldn’t open any of the reblogs. And several of them looked quite good. I will just have to explore some more.

  9. No worries, Bella! It could have been far worse. We could all have received porn sites from you instead. We’re fine and we’re just glad you cared enough to explain!

  10. What?!! Whew! I thought, “uh-oh, she has gone over a cliff for sure” —trying to get a better angle of course:)

  11. I am very relieved to read this. I had actually tried to email you in the morning to see if you were in any danger with the fires but it kicked back. Then I got all the posts at once and got worried. I am glad it was a tech glitch and you are fine. I couldn’t open the blogs however and don’t know why.
    Stay well!

    • Thanks B. Yes, there are far worse disasters nearby than the glitch on my blog. I am safe and sound but cannot say the same for many here in Colorado. It is terrible. Thank you for your kind thoughts.

  12. I got them as “reblogs” and thought you were just taking the time to share your favorites. I deleted some but have kept others that look interesting. No harm done. I may still read them. Isn’t technology fun? πŸ™‚ Dor

  13. I had a boring day yesterday and actually quite enjoyed reading through you reblogs… I might have even subscribed to a couple of them! πŸ™‚

  14. The photo is lovely. Your reblogging beats Spam any day of the week. Besides, it’s nice to meet new bloggeres, and I had not seen some of the ones that reposted. So… thank you!

  15. Just I confused because usually you don’t make reblog like that… But that’s ok dear Bella, this can happen always… We lived a crazy notification e-mail rains a few months ago… it was unbelievable… almost 1000 e-mails every day!!!! Thank you dear, as always you are so nice and so thoughtful, have a nice day, love, nia

  16. I thought they might be posts scheduled for a vacation and accidentally all got posted at once. πŸ™‚ No harm!

    But if I do break down and get a smart phone someday, I hope all the app glitches are fixed!

  17. You know what I always say: “A re-blog from Winsomebella is better than no blog at all”. Not that you really needed one, but the picture was the perfect olive branch.

  18. Aren’t you lucky your phone app did something which was actually quite nice!? My husband’s yahoo email account got hacked. The hacker sent out invites to buy viagra to everyone on my husband’s contact list. Most of his friends are male, and over the age of 60…

  19. For all the awesomeness of apps, I’ve had lots of glitches with wordpress. It won’t let me easily navigate and comment on blogs on my phone or Ipad. So annoying. No worries about this–technology demons are something we all tangle with!

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