32 thoughts on “Remembrance

    • Thank you Arindam. It was taken in the cemetery of a very small town here in Colorado. I drive by it often and can’t help but stop and take pictures every once in a while.

  1. Lonely is such an awful place to be. There were beautiful military ceremonies and a 2 1/2 hour parade here in Chicago. There are no complete cures for the loneliness caused by war, but society routinely makes its gallant effort. Thank goodness. Thank you for your lovely post remembering loss and loneliness.

  2. Remembering that freedom isn’t free…someone had to pay the price….thanks for sharing on this special day. Rich

  3. I’ve heard that saying before but didn’t know that it was a quote attributable to someone specific. I’ve learned something here… beyond the fact that you take beautiful photographs & combine them with good quotes. Very lovely + timely.

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