17 thoughts on “Winsomebella’s Photostream

  1. Oh, I loved being able to look at your fabulous pictures. Thanks so much — you made my evening. Now I’ll go to sleep with a smile, thinking about running dogs and mountainscapes.

  2. I could so relate to your pain when I read your posts sharing your heartache over your failed relationship. I continue to read your posts bec you write so well and your photographs are so beautiful but along with that I see your journey has taken you beyond that pain to a wholesomeness that is divine to behold. You truly are winsome. Thank you for sharing.

  3. All of these photographs are awesome but I love “Mirrored” and “This Way” the best. Maybe because they represent infinity – no end to beauty.

  4. “From Below” and “Mirrored” literally took my breath away.
    Rosie brought back my breath with a grin. And every picture from Littleton, CO reminded me of my art glass gallery days. (Selling, not making.) I met Harvey Littleton’s daughter. Alas, I’m speaking art glass, and I’m a geek.

    Bella – these are all stunning. I’m honored you share your pictures with us. Thank you.

  5. These photos are amazing! I especially think the one with the blue sky and yellow leaves on the trees are absolutely stunning! I always love looking up! Great blog!!

  6. These photos are stunning! I love the way you see things and that you share these images with us.

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