The Tease


I am teased with expectation.

There is warmth in the days and the light is changing and the dark comes later by minute later.

Spring hints of its intention with birdsong and an embryonic crocus in the garden and the measured swell of creeks in the foothills.

And wind.

I am not fond of wind and think of it as an annoyance or a risk.  Hell hath no fury like Mother Nature’s wrath in spring.  She sends wind to urge winter away but the cold rarely goes its way quietly or without unsettled resistance. 

No, I am not fond of wind. 

Except when kites are involved.

If I were a kite I would like the wind.

I would pull hard on the string and soar far above where birds fly.

I would twist and turn and circle and plunge simply because I could.


I would brace for gusts in my path, lean in, pick up speed and cruise.

I would be a peacock of a kite, bold and bright, a star among all other kites.

And when it came time to return to earth I would do so gently, gracefully and without getting tied up in knots.


And I would not tire of the wind or wish it gone or begrudge its pass-through.

I would happily expect the wind to suggest the pending homecoming of spring.  I would not allow it to tease me. 

If, that is, I were a kite.


 “Kites rise highest against the wind, not with it.”

                                                 Winston Churchill




I took these pictures on a windy day last spring

at the Kite Festival in Arvada, Colorado.  The photo of windswept me was

taken by John Baumchen.



84 thoughts on “The Tease

  1. Kites fly highest, against the wind, not with it! That’s a good one. It is not all the time that following the tide gets us to our destination, we have to go against it sometimes!

  2. Now I am dying to go kite flying. I haven’t done that in ages. Lovely post mixed with the perfect visuals. 🙂

  3. Oh, I absolutely love the spectacular colors! We take our kite along whenever we go to Lake Michigan. There’s lots of great wind that picks it up and makes it gooooooooooooo

  4. How timely this post is! I, too, do not like wind. And this is the windy month here in Idaho. I walk to work and back in wind and it drives me nuts. But I make an exception – wind on a warm summer day is delightful!

  5. I’m living in Costa Rica, near the Panama border. All the Ticos say there are two weeks of wind a year. I’m sure we had them all back in December, but the wind seems to dismiss what the weather forecasters say is the norm. The effect of this wind is suffered by the 100+ crimson-fronted parakeets who nest in our palm tree; it is breeding season right now, and the wind is tossing the fronds on which they perch like a violent storm at sea. Usually they’re quiet at night, but they screech, scream, and chatter all night long, voicing their annoyance at the disturbance and adding to the noise and ruckus. And the bananas are not able to withstand the force, and a huge number of banana trees have been pushed over with only half-developed bananas. The dust roils up off the dirt roads which are all the roads of the area but the one to Ciudad Neily. But I agree, if I had a kite, the beauty of it flying high above the palms and tropical jungle would be a beautiful sight and a pleasant diversion from what otherwise is an annoyance.

  6. Another beautiful post. I was a kite once. The time I went up in a hot air balloon. It’s the only time I have actually been a part of the wind and not fighting against it.

  7. I want kites too 🙂 These are so beautiful photographs… And how nice to watch them… Thank you dear Bella, and I loved your photograph too. With my love, nia

  8. When are the governments of the world going to get together and finally do something about that pesky wind? My acupuncturist keeps telling me wind is the enemy so I’m on your side.

  9. Bella, your writing is a such a delight. I really enjoyed this post. The monarch butterfly kite was my favorite one pictured. I understand the fear that comes with the wind. Mother Nature certainly has a powerful weapon – that wind.

    • I spent my childhood in tornado alley and one hit my neighborhood and leveled twenty houses, starting with the one next door. Very scary. And yes, very powerful. Thanks Lenore Diane.

  10. I love the photo of “windswept you” and all the other windy soaring kites accompanied by uplifting words too. As always, your blog posts are amazing.

  11. Your thoughts on wind married so beautifully with the kites. You would not be happy living in Virginia Beach. We wind seems ever with us, living right on the ocean. I don’t mind wind in the summer because it doesn’t feel so hot. But when it’s early spring, like now, it makes the day feel so much colder. Love this post. I would love to own a book, a big book, of your pictures and words. It would sit on my coffe table so I could pick it up during a quiet moment and savor each lovely morsel.

  12. How marvelous that you found the message of good and soaring things in the usually-unwelcome wind. And how sweet that your post was a perfect reminder for me of one of my late great-uncles, a true kite aficionado (he was one of the founders of the Washington Kitefliers Association). A gentle and kind man, and one who tamed the fierce winds with his kite-flying rather artfully, I think. Thanks for the lovely post!

  13. I’ve had those same feelings about the wind, usually when I need stillness and the stubborn air insists on rushing past. I love the way you turned it around with this post. What would a kite be without the wind? Beautifully expressed, Bella, as always.

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