Black and White



I used to dream in black and white. 

Crisp, clear, easily understood.  But slightly second-rate. 

I would wake in the morning and wonder about meaning and message and why it was that my sleeping mind took me places that were only black and white. 

Slowly, color crept in.   Colors in vivid contrast that balanced and checked the sharpness of the black and white.

Color that made the big picture of my dreams seem more distinct and rich and full.

And one morning it came to me thus: 

Colors came into my dreams at the same time I knowingly added color to the canvas of life.  Color popped in when I figured out how to paint my picture.  It is my picture, after all.  I can very well draw exactly what I want to see on my sketch pad and live life as I picture it, with or without a lens.   I can view the rest of my life as an evolving work of art and live it with a little more joy, zest, pizzazz and brilliance.

It happens, this life.  Some parts are prettier than others.  But if life is a canvas, why not paint it with colors so distinct that the black and white parts of it can glow with a luster all their own? 


Why not dream in vivid color?



I took these pictures at the 22nd Annual International Snow Sculpture Championship in Breckenridge, Colorado.  Fifteen teams of artists from ten different countries carved out a massive sculpture from a 12-foot-tall, 20-ton block of man-made snow without the use of any power tools.  This year’s winner was Team Canada Quebec. 

101 thoughts on “Black and White

  1. OMG! That is incredible. It must have been amazing in person. Your photographs truly pay tribute.
    Thank you for sharing this beauty… and your lovely words.

  2. I wish there was a “this is fantastic” option in addition to “like.” The sculptors are incredibly talented, and your photos bring their work to life. You are doing wonderful things with the colors in your life.

  3. I thought I was looking at statues! How clever you are and what color crept in and how interesting you made this story by bringing in your dreams! Thank you for sharing.

  4. Great message and I loved the stark beauty of the snow against the brilliance of the blue sky. Those sculptures remind of when we have the sand sculpture tournament here in Virginia Beach every September during the Neptune Festival. You wonder how artists can create such masterpieces out of snow and sand.

  5. The pictures were so beautiful! What brought a little tear to my eye was what you wrote regarding your photos. I can so relate to it. Have a wonderful day and thanks for sharing your thoughts and pictures. You are a gem! 🙂

  6. Your perspective of your experiences, your thoughts, your photographs are all so winsome Ms. Winsomebella. You have made my life better by your generosity and sharing. Thank you.

  7. Thanks for sharing this event. It’s amazing anyone can put the curliquies and filgree on such intricate work. I always feel like I’ve had a good crisp-air visit to the South West after I’ve visited you.

  8. As always, your message is so inspiring and delivered in such a wonderful way. Thank you for this! I’m right at a transitional time in my life where I too have decided to add more color to my life:-) Love how you put that!

  9. I love the idea that we get to color our own lives…adding a dash of this and a spot of that here and there. It’s so easy to forget the control we have over our own lives. Thank you for that reminder.

  10. So true that one can view his or her “life as an evolving work of art.” I wonder why it is so difficult to acknowledge that fact. As evidenced by your photos and your thoughts, it is a really good way to live. In color with pizzazz.

  11. These are so cool! I love the synchronicity between living your life in color and color appearing in your dreams. The sculptures are stunning in white, but the contrast of the beautiful blue sky enhances their beauty. I like how the white takes on some of the blue hues as if it is absorbing the color from it’s surroundings (though they teach you in school that white does the opposite and that it is black that absorbs light).

  12. Let me go to the thesaurus: Beautiful, stunning, incredible, thought-provoking. I love how the prose was tied to the event. Some ubber-talented artists. And to create such incredible pieces knowing that they will melt.

  13. oh I love it! Instead of snow sculptures, we have an ice sculpture competition. Something I have enjoyed since a child (and have since brought my children to)… although with the mild winter we’ve had, the sculptures didn’t last very long this year.

  14. Oh dear Bella, these are so beautiful… And also through the words of your poetical spirit, it was so nice to watch them…. Thank you dear Bella, have a nice day, with my love, nia

    • Sometimes I look at photos and come up with what I want to say. This was instead a case where I had written something and then had to find some photos to go with it and these jumped out at me when I was perusing my files……..thank you Kourtney.

  15. Bella, these sculptures are incredible in your pictures alone. I can’t imagine how amazing they were in person. The blue sky is brilliant, too. Incredible. And, I will not forget the message. May you continue to dream in color. May your palate of colors be rich and vibrant, just like your life.

  16. Impressive sculpture, and you captured it well. Interesting thoughts too, on black and white. You may consider though, that sometimes limiting our palette allows us to put an accent on certain aspects of what we wish to examine. I consider black and white a separate media which is definitely worthy of exploration.

    • You are right—I definitely think a limited palette enables us to focus more clearly on details we might otherwise overlook. I personally love black and white photographs, maybe because of exactly what you say. Thank you.

  17. Yeah Team Canada! Sorry, I had to get that in.
    Your words are so lovely and they really make the amazing images more poignant.
    Thank you for sharing.

  18. Live in color!. I to did not recognize the medium as snow at first. Nice camera work. These sculptures have come along way since I lived in Breckenridge in 79 and partied during Uller fest. Memories of Bezerkenridge. Mahalo.

  19. What could ever be more true than this? We paint the pictures in our mind how we want them to be. If we choose to add colours, we give life colours as well. Beautiful post. I love the pictures too!

  20. These wildly monumental works must have been breathtaking indeed. Your photos are, as always, beautiful and inviting, and in this case the white snow, shot in color, is the perfect choice to tease our minds into contemplating what the subtleties *and* outsized powers are in both color and black-and-white views of life. Rather startlingly so, in fact. Splendid!

  21. Those sculptures are startling and your pictures of them are perfect, that white on that blue, a monochrome palette.. and dreaming in black and white. I am always surprised when i learn how many people do not remember their dreams at all, not even a whisp,they say Oh I don’t dream, but they must surely!? I have a dream book that i jot them into in the a.m. always colour, always with heaps of mad detail, black and white as a conscious memory must have been very interesting.. good morning Bella! c

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