75 thoughts on “In Reach

  1. Breathtaking! Winsomebella – I am just getting ready to publish a post that nominates you for the Sunshine Award. This one photograph you have posted is a perfect illustration of why.

  2. Winsomebella, do you see, you are just like the mountain in your picture. Whether you inspire someone, or otherwise choose to be inspired by others, you always manage to do it so beautifully and with such grace. The words you share have a power and a magnificent peaceful softness all at the same time…

  3. That is deep. Beautiful scenery matched with the perfect words. I hope you’re having a good week with lots of sunshine! Lots of hugs sent your way my dear friend! 🙂

  4. Fantastic. I can see my hiking group eyeing that and saying, “How long do you think it’ll take us to get up there?” And it’s always MUCH longer than we thought, sot the title is especially tounge-in-cheek to me. Inspiring sentiments, too.

  5. Guten Tag von den Bergen sehr schönes Foto,dort zu stehen das muss atenberaubent sein,sehr schön wünsche dir einen Schönen Tag und viele Grüsse sendet dir Klaus aus Köln

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