Kiss of the Moon



I am in Arizona helping my parents make an unplanned journey back to Kansas. My mother is not well.

My arrival coincided with the appearance of an amazing Wolf Moon, which I spied out of the corner of my eye, off to my left. I was taking pictures of the mountains that are due east of the home my parents rent when they visit here. At sunset the mountains turn a wonderful shade of red which is what I was trying to capture.


In just the nick of time, the moon redirected my attention. It was there, a huge orb of light and peace, kissing the mountaintop before it rose into the night sky to peruse the valley floor.


When I was a little girl my mom taught us songs that we would sing as we traveled in the car. My favorite went like this:

I see the moon
The moon sees me
Shining over the old oak tree
Please let the light that shines on me
Shine on the one I love

Thank you, moon, for your nudge. I needed to see your brilliance. And please keep shining on the ones I love.


94 thoughts on “Kiss of the Moon

  1. I am sorry to hear about your mother and wish all the best for you both. Loved the pictures and I know that when there is a moon like that it is mesmerizing. I have a hard time taking my eyes off of it even in pictures. Thank you for sharing and take care.

  2. What a lovely description–and GORGEOUS picture! My mom sang a different version of that song to us…
    I see the moon
    the moon sees me
    the moon sees somebody I want to see
    so God bless the moon
    and God bless me
    and God bless the somebody I want to see!

  3. Some of the most incredible moon pictures I have ever seen—and I’ve done a lot of moon watching. So sorry to hear that this beauty was tied to the illness of your mother and all the anxiety you must be experiencing.

  4. Incredible pictures, Bella. God works in mysterious ways. May you continue to feel the nudge and see the brilliance. You, your Mom and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

  5. First of all, hope your mom rallies soon and well.

    The pictures are incredible. Seems the great photographers get all the luck. Do you think there’s a message in that?

    Wonder if you realize you caught the face of the man in the moon. Do you see it?

  6. I’m so sorry your mother is ill. Signs like these are amazing to me. I saw the moon too, but here in California it looked blue. I don’t know if that is truly a Blue Moon but I was driving and had to pull over and stare at it.

    Your photos are lovely. Thinking good thoughts for your mother.

  7. Isn’t it amazing while you were looking at the moon, a thousand miles away, I was looking at the same moon. Thanks for capturing it. Take care of yourself. You’re on quite a journey.

  8. As always quite the poet, Bella. In word and vision.

    It is comforting that all of us, gazing up there, will see the same moon, thinking of each other – meeting in space. And if all our gazes and thoughts were kept in the moon’s lagoon it would soon overflow, don’t you think? And drizzle. Maybe that’s the real reason why it rains: Our tears of joy and sorrow intermingling with those of loved ones.

    The man on the moon will understand. But don’t tell the FIRST man on the moon: He might pour cold water on our sentimentality.


  9. My best wishes to you during this difficult time. The stories of elderly parents really pull on my heartstrings.

  10. It was an amazing moon that night! I hope it continues to weave its magic around you and your family!
    I tried to photograph the moon too. I took my camera out onto the deck, set the tripod up in the snow, went back in the house and put on a heavier coat and mittens, went outside, then back in to get a flashlight so I could read the dial on the camera. Figured out I didn’t know which setting to use, went back in the house and read the manual. Went back outside and took a few photos, but by that time the low, orange moon was higher in the sky, and not nearly as dramatic!

  11. Stunning image. You were sent a gift. and the red of those mountains is surreal, I remember this song. it calls up strength and love. Seems you have it there.. take care.. c

  12. These pics of the moon are spectacular. I’m glad you’re taking a few minutes for yourself through this ordeal. I’ll be sending good thoughts your way and wishing you a safe journey.

  13. I’m a big fan of a full moon, and a red wolf moon is so much better. I’m sure the moon spirits are shining their healing love upon you and your mother. Enjoy now, for if you can enjoy now you can enjoy always. T

  14. It’s surprising the way the we get messages and encouragement through inanimate beauties, wild creatures and serendipitous appearances. These reminders that we’re not alone can be such a great blessing and comfort. Somehow, those gifts are multiplied in the sharing–so I thank you for letting us take part in this moment of beauty you experienced, and send up hopeful prayers for your mother’s continued healing and for many more beautiful journeys for you and those you love.

  15. Wonderful photos Winsome. I tried to capture the red mountains in the morning the last time I was in Denver, and by the time I got the camera and got outside, it was gone. I’ll have to get out away from the city next time and try to get some photos.

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