Maybe Now


 Maybe now is the time you need it most. 

 Maybe you are frantic, scurrying, running out of time.   Maybe you are tired of the frenzy that occupies everyone else.  Maybe you are lying in a hospital.   Or maybe you are lying in your own bed, clobbered by a strong case of the doldrums.  You could be lonely.  You could be exhausted.   You could be missing someone.  You could be navigating the path of a family in divorce.  You could be worried about the weather.  You could be irritated with travel.  You could be an ocean away from your home.  You might be bothered by the cooking.  Or upset about your diet.  You could be anxious about your finances.  You could be dreading the next obligatory gathering.  


 Maybe you need a shift in focus.  


 Maybe you need to breathe in beauty and joy.


 Maybe you need to let go of the worries and negative perspectives that try to consume you.  Don’t let them. 


 Maybe now is the time you need it most.


 Maybe you can feel the cold, fresh air and be in awe.


Maybe you can focus on things that bring you peace.


 Maybe you can choose to feel happiness, connection and celebration in the midst of it all. 

Because now is the time you may need it most.  


71 thoughts on “Maybe Now

  1. Needing it most, wanting it most and MISSING it most! Thank-you for sending a bit of mountain air to Hawaii. I truly miss the serenity of those mountains and the large and small sites.Thank-you for the wonderful gift, so needed and so appreciated! I know it was not personally for me, but it was what I personally needed most!

  2. Being in Miami almost my whole life – well, this was refreshing. Happy Holidays.
    I was in Buffalo, Christmas of 1985. Blizzard so bad getting from that one airport
    terminal to the other was impossible. Whew, and I thought hurricanes gave you
    a knock down.Something like 70 inches of snow that year. PS Do not wear a
    Miami Dolphins jersey in a bar in Buffalo.

  3. Thank you for providing that beautiful, refreshing oasis, renewing mind and soul. Just what I needed. Spectacular photos. Is this near where you live?

      • My son has friends who go to colleges in Colorado and he loves visiting them. It seems pretty hard to take a bad picture there – every place is beautiful. You live in a gorgeous place.

  4. A beautiful and timely reminder. This always was and should always be a happy time of year—no matter what. Hang out with the grandchildren! Happy will quickly come in to focus.

  5. I went for a long hike today at lunchtime. It was exactly the thing I needed. I was able to gain some perspective and arrive home at the end of the day in a relaxed mood! Good words for all, bella!

  6. Wonderful photos, and timely words. YOur images take me to a world so different from the one I live in. Thank you!

  7. Loved these. As I looked at the ice on the water, all of a sudden I remembered the sound of it breaking up; the sound of scraping up against brown ice on the sidewalk; the sound of ice skates in a rink and the more muted sound they make on the frozen lake/river. Thank you for these clear, clear images.
    You live in beautiful country. Are those trees, aspens?

  8. Yay!!!…a winter post. Beautiful photos, but yes…I’m facing a challenge and indeed…i needed the cool air blowing through my mind. Thanks, girlfriend.

  9. In here it is half six in the evening. All day long it rained today… and because of my foot I am at home… I miss to go out especially in these days, the most beautiful times of the year… BUT you are, what a beautiful heart/soul… This was excatly what I needed… I stayed in front of my screen and watched these beautiful winter photographs… They are all amazing dear Winsomebella,… Thank you, Blessing and Happiness, with my love, nia

  10. after a weekend with the in laws behind me and the weekend with my family ahead, this is exactly what I needed! Some fresh (beautiful) perspective! And for now I’ll live vicariously through your beautiful snow. No snow in the frozen tundra for Christmas is just ridiculous!

    • We are getting more snow this evening…..just in time to slow down travels but it will make for a very pretty Christmas Day. Enjoy your time with your family and I hope you get a little “mom’s time alone” too.

  11. You took these photos? I’m envious. They capture what nature usually accomplishes for me, tranquility, peace, awe. There is a turn-out in a road not far from my home that overlooks a canyon of red rock formations. When my mother died, I drove there and just sat, contemplating. It definitely helped with accepting her death. Thank you for these.

    • Yes, I take pretty much all of the pictures that appear in my blog. It is very easy to get good pictures when you are in beautiful spots 🙂 I think we’d go a long way toward solving the world’s problems if we could get everybody to spend more time in nature.

  12. I didn’t dare read all the other comments because I was afraid they would say everything I want to say. : ) Your love and compassion flow through both your words and photos. Thank you.

  13. Yours is an awesome search for serenity through gorgeous photography and divine description. Those of us fortunate enough to have found you can only be grateful for the connection. Thank you so much for sharing.

  14. Lovely photographs and message. I felt the relief of naming the anxieties so many of us share, juxtaposed against your invocation through words and images. They make our most pressing problems seem silly in the face of nature’s beauty. Great perspective for a new year, thanks!

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