Joyful, Joyful


Through her eyes, all is good.
At two, she knows how to live in the moment. She exists for the now, without concern for what happened yesterday or what might come to pass tomorrow. All that really matters is how she feels now.

She is celebratory. Total body celebratory. It bubbles up and explodes at the surface and she shares it.

She is authentic. If she’s unhappy or afraid, there’s no hiding it. A fit of tears, a hug and a squeeze, and she smiles again.

She is simple. An empty box is remarkably interesting to play with. Meals need not be gourmet. Excitement need not be expensive.

She is kind. Her baby cousin gets a gentle pat on the head, the same as she gives to Rosie the dog. She will share the green peas off of her plate with you.

She pays attention. Do not think you will get away with much for she looks and sees and listens and hears and touches and tastes and smells too. She is interested in her world and she notices stuff.

She can’t be rushed. Why hurry and worry when there is so much to see and do right here?

She is joyful. Joyful in the grandest sense. Joy that stems from a wonder-filled view of the world that two-year olds can see best.

I notice these things in her.
And I take note.

And I promise myselfย I will be moreย like her.ย 

66 thoughts on “Joyful, Joyful

  1. Beautiful. Your words match perfectly with your photos and both have so much joy! “She is interested in her world and she notices stuff.” That is the trick…, to notice the world around you each and every day as if it were your first day!

  2. Thanks for sharing the joy Anna feels, and that you feel in her presence. I felt it in reading and viewing the photos!

  3. Would that we could all be more like Anna–at two. The pictures are such fun, Stacia. Thanks for sharing them and your observations.

  4. Beautiful & lovely Post !
    Every statement is perfect to each photograph. It just too good. As if through your words that little girl is just telling us how to live our life, how to search for happiness in those small things life brings to us, how to once in a while we must get our emotions out inform of smiles or tears.
    It just a beautiful piece of writing. For me this one is your smallest & best post i ever read in your blog. Thanks for giving us the lesson how to live life through this little cute girl. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Amen, sister. When did we stop exuding joy out of every pore? When did our faces take a river of concern underneath? When did we stop running for the sheer pleasure of moving from one place to another quickly? Lovely post.

  6. Love it, Bella, love it love it love it. May she “grow up” staying as she is. May she meet few who will try to stifle her. And may she long enjoy you as her court photographer – so winsome the words with which you paint a picture to your lens’s eye.

    If I am not careful I shall break out into tears (of joy) any moment now,

    Big hug,


  7. Absolutely adorable child. I wish we didn’t have to lose that sense of wonder and the simple joy of life, but it seems inevitable, doesn’t it? Sometimes we see glimpses of it, though, like you do in this precious little girl, and it reminds us we can still snatch some of that back, if only for a little while. Thank you for the beautiful words that went along with your pictures.

  8. I think similarly of my children- the way they behave, the way they react, and the way they think about things… to live life that wide-eyed and open-hearted is something, perhaps, we should all strive for!

  9. You have 47 comments on this post already!!! Your grand daughter is PRECIOUS!!! She is just about the cutest thing EVER and I see a lot of cute kids in my job as a preschool teacher ๐Ÿ™‚ I just loved looking at these photos and your captions really tell the story of authenticity. Love it.

    Thank you for your thoughtful comment on my blog about Christmas….it was very meaningful to me.

  10. What a lovely girl, lovely photos and lovely words. You are truly one lucky woman to have all three in such a delightful package.

    Thanks for sharing it!

    • Thanks bronxboy. Funny, there is a picture of me at age 2 which looks eerily like she does. She is my son’s daughter and looks a lot like my side of the family. But her spirit and intellect is definitely a nice combination of all who came before.

  11. I hope you don’t mind my dropping in. This series of pictures is simply lovely. I can hear her squealing, whimpering, quiet in thought and then squealing again. You have certainly captured a range of emotions and resilient spirit. These are beautiful images and words. And, my favorite, of course, is your last “And I promise myself I will be more like her.” Thank you for sharing and thank you for the reminder.

    • I am very happy you dropped in. Those pics were taken in about a 10-minute span. How quickly emotions change with the little ones…..they show every bit they feel don’t they? Heading over to your blog next……..thanks.

  12. How nice to be like her… Thank you dear Winsomebella, for reminding us, this is so nice. We always forget, in this running life. You did a great point and also photographs… They are all so beautiful, Blessing and Happiness for you all. With my love, nia

  13. What a wonderful photographer and writer you are! Anna’s exuberance is absolutely catchy and you have captured her honesty and joy in both words and images. I am so impressed. Thank you for sharing.

  14. She is so precious! What a lovely child! Isn’t it amazing how much children can teach us? I know with my 10 year old son, it’s fun to watch things through his eyes…the wonderment and excitement. It reminds me of how I use to be when I saw something as simple as a butterfly. Great post!

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