The Moment

One day we will look back at today and say that it hasn’t been the same since.

Life is a series of moments that add up to the future. Blink and you’re left behind. Blink twice and you might miss it completely.

My mother tells the story of her mother walking home across the prairie. It was a long walk, as one would expect. She was halfway between town and home when she saw something odd as she squinted toward the horizon. It was unlike anything she had ever seen before and she couldn’t figure out what it could be. She kept her pace, moving steadily toward the unknown. As she finally got close, she realized it was an elephant. In the middle of nowhere, in the center of Kansas.

Imagine what she was thinking. She probably had never seen an elephant before–maybe she had seen a picture or read about elephants but in all likelihood she had never seen one. But that day in the middle of nowhere, she looked up, focused and saw something she had never before seen.

We celebrate those things we cherish. We remember times that have passed, people who are gone, people who are far away. We are reminded of stories that have been told and things we have done together. We think of the way things used to be and smile. And maybe wipe a tear from our eyes.

Experience teaches us one of life’s major truths: one of the few things we can always count on is change. And though we will remember what used to be, we can also see the promise of what will be. The young remind us to be open to possibility.

So, if one day you see something up ahead that you can’t quite make out, do not fear. Suspend disbelief. Be willing to embrace the idea of an elephant in the middle of nowhere. Do not blink. For things will never again be the same.

35 thoughts on “The Moment

  1. Oh Bella, now you bring on the heavy guns. Blast. An elephant (with slender ankles) startled by my likeness in the shimmering fata morgana of the nearest china shop. Where is the herd?

    What did your grandmother do? Hitch a ride?


    PS And yes, elephants don’t forget – which is why they never leave their trunk behind

    PPS Good to hear from you – sooner than expected

  2. Does this post reflect some introspection from an emotion visit home? Whatever the case, it’s beautifully composed.

    Of the three inevitable’s: death, taxes and change, change is by far my favorite.

  3. I keep falling into the wonder that mush have been fogging your mom’s mind. And how old is she? And how long has she remembered that one pure moment? Priceless.

  4. I am the kind of person who wants to know WHERE the elephant came from and WHAT it was doing out in the prairie like that! Was there a circus in town and he ran away? How amazing! I loved this post. It is a perfect thought to reflect on this morning – glad I stopped by. I am going to “Be willing to embrace the idea of an elephant in the middle of nowhere!”

    • There was a circus traveling through the area and they had the elephants out exercising. One got away and my grandmother happened on to it before the elephant was recaptured. I always loved this story. So glad you stopped by.

  5. Such a wonderful story riding on a deep and mysterious truth. We can see “the promise of what will be.” Yes, indeed. I would have loved to see your grandmother’s face as she went from seeing a spot on the horizon to discovering it was an elephant! What mystery! What incredible wonder she must have felt!

  6. Great thought behind this post. This part is the best part for me “Blink and you’re left behind. Blink twice and you might miss it completely.”
    But seeing an elephant is somehow ok, but what about a lion or tiger. 🙂 I thought i need lots of courage to face that moment.

  7. Wisely written, I’ll never forget. Thank you dear Winsomebella, how interesting to read you right now, not before, right now. As if something drove me to do this, especially when I needed to hear someone like you. You can’t imagine how beautiful for me now. Blessing and happiness, with my love, nia

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