Prompt Me


Prompt me.

Tell me what it is I am to remember to do when the snow begins falling and the world turns cold again.

Make sure I get the snow shoes ready. 

Prompt me to get the plow equipped. 

Remind me to stock up on soup, good books, some reds, hot chocolate and a movie or two.

Remind me that I need to squint or wear sunglasses when the sun makes the white meadow twinkle.

Make sure I don’t forget how much fun snow can be. 

Consider me prompted. 

59 thoughts on “Prompt Me

  1. That dog is hilarious! So cute. Our Buddy (cockapoo, heavy on the poo) LOVES the snow but HATES the rain. When we have lots of rain, like Aug. and Sept. this year, I worry his bladder will burst.
    What kind of dog is that?

  2. The most hilarious dog photo ever! All you can do is wait for it to melt! Hope it was all worth it for that adorable pup! I’ve got good books, lots of paintings to do and a steady supply of cocoa. Bring it, winter, bring it!

  3. Our Golden Doodle gets like that too!!! So cute. I’m sure he hates those little snowballs between his toes as much as ours does. I always have to gently pull them out for him. If you do Christmas cards, that should be your pic!!…:)

  4. Well, someone obviously enjoyed a romp in the snow! Nobody loves it as much as a dog. Thanks for sharing this, made me smile (instead of my usual grimace at the thought of winter).

  5. That is one seriously winsome charmer all decked out in snow-blobs! Great enough looking as an “ordinary” dog, when the superhero costume goes on, well . . . ! Adorable. I love this! Glad I found your blog, thanks to Java Girl’s direction. Much, much fun.

  6. Your poor, adorable dog! Thanks for the reminder that snow can be fun, as I grit my teeth in preparation for another winter. Ungritting, commencing with the smile.

  7. Ooooooh! I’m so glad you are obviously a dog lover! Your Rosie is absolutely wonderful. I can tell. We have a Rosie too – an old girl; part shepherd/part something else. They add so much joy to life! What a wonderful post this was. Thanks.

  8. When our dog looks like this we call him “Velcro Dog” — he needs a cape. Sometimes he is covered in snow, sometimes in leaves, sometimes, ugh, in dirt. But it is always something. That’s the magic of having a dog — you love them anyway!

    Love these pictures AND your reflections.

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