Luckiest is Me


I am a damn lucky woman.

I know it. 

Luck is half a dozen good things wrapped inside a cartload of happiness.  Somehow it has steered my way and I’m quite happy with this latest hand.

No, I haven’t won the lottery.  And yes, I’ve had a few hard rows to hoe.  But things have looked up, really up, for a while now.

I’ve learned to love sushi, to speak a few words like a Canadian and to take a decent picture.  I’ve perfected the art of the road trip.  I’ve worn leather on a bike.  I watched the sun set behind a tall ship in Nevis, into the Pacific behind the skyline of Vancouver and behind the cliffs at Zion.  I’ve listened to fine music while lying in the gardens and sitting among the red rocks of Colorado.   I’ve hiked and biked and cooked and swam and played in the snow and sat under the stars talking till very, very late, many nights.   I’ve seen amazing views.  And danced. 

My good fortune arrived with a smile and blue eyes.  Whether fluke or godsend, or accident or coincidence, what a difference a meeting in Starbucks has made.    I’m one of the few who can say it worked.  And it worked and it grew and it makes me very, very happy.   

I am a damn lucky woman.

So when you go to mark your birthday by buying a lottery ticket at 11:11 a.m. on 11/11/11,  I will send my luck with you,

for I have already won more than that.  You. 

Happy Birthday Sweet One………………….



47 thoughts on “Luckiest is Me

  1. Dammit, Winsome Bella. What with the time I have escaped my destiny, it now being 1155 hrs GMT (11/11/11).

    Your love letter is beautiful. And whoever it is addressed to is very lucky indeed.


    PS I don’t drink coffee.

  2. Awesome. Would love to know more of the story of how you met. Was it sheer chance? Planned? Look forward to your beautiful writing and you live your lucky life.

  3. What a gorgeous letter (the picture isn’t bad, either). I am glad you are happy, and gladder still that you know and feel so deeply, that you are truly lucky.

  4. You can’t go too far wrong by choosing a gentleman who rides a motorcycle… which isn’t the same as a biker, though I have found there is a code among bikers that make all of them pretty decent people if you need help…

  5. wow…. what a sweet letter, having each word describing all the care, affection & love. Best wishes to you both. No better way to end this post, other than this wonderful picture.

  6. Beautiful picture – the mountains aren’t bad either. LOL
    I love the gratitude and joy that spills from your words. It is just lovely. I am so glad to know people who aren’t missing their blessings.

  7. “Luck is half a dozen good things wrapped inside a cartload of happiness.” The stars lined up and shined above you bringing love and happiness. The “Starbuck’s” romantic event caught my attention. I’m happy for you and your new found love. Not everyone gets lucky when it comes to finding the right person you share a lot of similarities with. Aside from finding love what strikes me the most is that you embraced life and its possibilities in the most positive and hopeful way. You are breathing and living good energy and celebrating life to the fullest. Just inspiring to us all. Have a fun weekend.

  8. Feeling lucky is one of the greatest experiences in life. You’ve described it so well that you’ve made a lot of other people happy in the process. I don’t know who he is, but I’m sure he feels lucky, too. Please wish him a happy birthday for me.

    You’ve learned to take a decent picture? My pictures should be that decent. My anything should be. Wonderful post!

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