A Click of the Shutter


“Sometimes I do get to places just when God’s ready to have
somebody click the shutter.”

~Ansel Adams

Not that clicks of my shutter look anything like those of Ansel Adams, but it’s a good quote.  And yes, I have been to some lovely places and have seen some beautiful things lately.  Before I add them to my permanent photography page at https://winsomebella.wordpress.com/oh-the-beauty-ive-seen/,  I share them here.  I was inspired by a prompt from  http://ifiwerebraveblog.com/   and  have replaced the usual photo captions with some non-traditional Haiku.  Non-traditional in the sense that I didn’t follow any rules.  With apologies to you who are true poets, I hope you enjoy.    And will you add to the Haiku?

Red buggy wasting

They rode into the mountains

in quest of silver

Paris is a dream

She slept in a small hotel

named so long ago

Old widow of town

Books, chalk and pencils were lost

when the lode played out

Sunrise from foothills

Towers pulse with liveliness

under nature’s clout

A long wooden path

A guide is good for something

but not the lone way

Sea to sky and back

Whitest white and bluest blue

clouds touch the water

Colored wagon filled

A cargo of blooms is a

picture perfect load

Blue glass of water

The zenith of volcanic

rock echoes below

Head sheltered from sun

The hand rummages to seek

fodder for belly

Tropical colors

Sky and earth and water meet

in vivid contrast

Pine in aspens gold

Limited personal space

can merge the senses

Bicycle for one

Lean only upon yourself

till another comes

31 thoughts on “A Click of the Shutter

  1. Pine in aspens gold-now I suppose the photographer is involved with composition just like the painter and it’s different but still composition. Well nature or the creator sure compsitionized this here one from shapes, to command of viewer’s eye focus, to color. You got the perfect angle to reflect that. I would like to see a Van Gogh paint brushy splashy of these colors and subject.

  2. One of the things that has always intrigued me about photography is the eternal moment that resides in the lens. When you push that button and take that shot, it is the only time in history when that view, at that spot, at that moment, will be immortalized. You could shoot another picture right afterward but it will be different. They may look exactly alike, but they can’t possibly be. I’m probably getting a little too philosophical about this, but it strikes me how we are creating something that no one else will ever be able to duplicate, exactly.

    You have immortalized some places and objects with great artistry. I, like so may of you other readers, was taken by the lone pine amongst the aspens. It’s museum worthy. I look forward to seeing more of the future “eternal moments” that are just dying to get out of that lens of yours.

  3. First of all, thanks for the shout-out. 🙂 None of your haikus feature vodka and are much the better for it. Second, these pictures are gorgeous. Do you do this for a living? If not, you should consider it.

    • I have to say I did enjoy the vodka-related haiku on your site. I take pictures just for fun….still learning……enjoy it and it is pretty easy to take nice pics when you are in a pretty place!

  4. Great minds…. I shoot for fun, then marry my photos to quotes I find (couldn’t write a haiku to save my life). I love your photos. And your Haiku.

  5. My husband and I traveled west for the first time a couple of months ago and your photos make me want to go back – immediately! You are double talented – writing AND an eye for the beautiful!

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