On Your Birth Day


Welcome to the world, sweet one.  You are my first grandson, born to my youngest son.  You have joined your cousin, my granddaughter, in that special place in my soul that is filled with love of the kind known only to grandparents.  She can tell you someday how it has been to be the only grandchild in our family.  She is, of course, quite extraordinary.    As you are.
And you are the first grandson for us all.

I wish for you many things.  Light, love, peace, happiness.  May you be safe in your world.  May you grow and reach and obtain what sustains you.

From your father, may you have curiosity for the way things work, the desire to create, and a quiet strength.  From your mother,  may you enjoy an aptitude for math, a love of reading and a nurturing nature.  From your grandparents, may you feel the joy of love and view the passage of time.  From your great-grandparents, may you realize the interconnectedness of generations of family.   From your aunts and uncles, may you
understand what it means to shepherd a new generation.   May you share connection with your cousin and others that may join your generation. 

We will all love you through thick and thin.  We will cheer you, support you, discipline you, teach you, laugh with you, cry with you, learn from you, and love you more.  We will share with you our experiences, our stories and our advice. 

As you grow, appreciate what is most important in life.   You can look forward to swimming in the ocean, hiking in the mountains, smelling the pine trees, walking in snow and tasting a home-grown tomato. 

Follow the North Star that you see in your sky.  Be exuberant, be passionate, be focused, be uncompromising. 

Learn lessons from those who surround you.  Understand the importance of honesty.   Love learning.  Nourish and balance your body, your mind and your soul. 

Widen your scope by travel, fresh ideas and new people.  Hold your mind open and consider all perspectives.  Don’t look upon the past as your only guide to the future.  But heed its lessons. 

Know that while life can be hard, it is those hard knocks and sharp bumps along the way that make you strong.  Accept that things happen for reasons not always understood. 

Tire not of everyday laughter and ordinary views and never take what is close at hand for granted.  And relish those moments in your life that are beautiful.   There will be many. 

Take the time to come to know what tickles your fancy, what floats your boat, what it is that you are compelled to do.  Do it well and do it for reasons that are important to you.

Give of yourself.  Giving to others is a great teacher and is by far the most tested way to insure you receive what matters.  Have an impact on something or someone. 

Treat others with kindness and respect.  Suspend judgment.  Give others their due and remember they walk a different walk than do you. 

Reach as far as you are comfortable and then a bit more.   Take the hand that is extended to you with gratitude and then generously extend yours out to someone else.

Love.  Yourself.   Your world.  Your people.  Your mate.   Choose your friends and your mate wisely and give energy to those relationships. 

Dwell on the positive.  Let your view of the world be rosy.  See problems as a chance to change, to adapt, to improve and to grow.   Pull yourself up by the bootstraps and buck up when you need to for getting back up after a fall means you will have succeeded. 

Be introspective.   You will not be alone in this dance.  But you alone can choose the music, the step, the rhythm and the beat of your life.   You get to choose how you will dance. 

And celebrate, sweet one.  Each year on your birthday, remember that you brought great joy into our hearts with your first cry, your first wet diaper, your first swaddled bundle.  And from this day forward, know that we will all love you regardless if we are beside you or in this world.  For you are a gift and a child of the universe.


27 thoughts on “On Your Birth Day

  1. This was so lovely I was teary eyed. I loved this:
    “You will not be alone in this dance. But you alone can choose the music, the step, the rhythm and the beat of your life. You get to choose how you will dance. “

  2. This is beautiful and My mother always said that being a mother was special but the love you feel for a grandchild is extra special. I have felt this overpowering lovre and desire to cherish and safeguard at the birth of each of my four grandsons. Enjoy your new family member.
    I particularly loved your lines “Tire not of everyday laughter and ordinary views and never take what is close at hand for granted. And relish those moments in your life that are beautiful. There will be many.”

    • Thank you, Judith and thank you for the mention in your lovely post. Yesterday while my daughter-in-law was in labor, a good friend of mine was saying goodbye to his father. It was comforting to him to know that while he was doing that, I was helping a tiny bit to bring new life into the world. I think by the time we become grandparents we know how fast and furious life passes and that has something to do with those intense feelings of love and protection that we have.

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  4. LOL, well said, congratulations. But everytime I see that “namaste” bumper sticker, I want to hit that car. It’s one of those knee-jerk responses.
    You forgot the most important life lesson: Do unto others, but to it to them FIRST. >;->

  5. You are the Zen Master of grandparenting. When people ask me how it feels to be a grandparent, I tell them it is so wonderful that I can’t possibly do it justice. Now I can refer them to this post. Thanks and congratulations!!

  6. Congratulations on the birth of your Grandson. What a lovely tribute you have create for him to cherish throughout his life. I hope he will someday realize how truly blessed he was being born your Grandson.

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