Where I’m From


I give a nod and a humble bow to the remarkable words of  http://lifeintheboomerlane.wordpress.com and  http://k8edid.wordpress.com.  You have prompted and inspired this post.  To others,  I pass on the invitation to create and share your own.

Where I’m From

 I am from an émigré still followed, from the clash of divisive faiths, from expectant voyages, from people dispersed westward.  From the salt of the earth, the heart of the land, the middle of America.  I am from the lost tall grass prairie.

 I am from persistence, from unfettered optimism, from wanting greener grass and darker soil.   I am from sweat poured from the backs of men laboring in fields and the tears wrought of the burdens of women who led the way.    I am from fading wagon ruts, undulating land, vanishing train tracks and lost family farms. 

 I am from an only child of an almost childless couple.  I am from the only female child of a couple with five.  I am from a band of four from two who started young.    

I am from the sound of songs coming from a car driving a two-lane highway at night.  I am from the sight of a water tower standing alone against the backdrop of a setting sun.  I am from eyes stung by chlorine and the discipline of counting turns.   I am from the taste of blueberries, peaches, crab apples, pot roast and mashed potatoes.

I am from hot and humid summers and cicadas.   I am from growing wheat, soybeans, green grass, sunflowers,  lily of the valley and roses.   I am from green, gold, crimson, blue, black and red.

I am from stories told by those long gone, from examples of life well lived and not, from shoves in the right direction, from the acceptance of friends in new places, from the steadiness of friends long-held.  

I am from the dissent of youth, the hope of love, the fullness of tending, the sorrow of loss, the contentment of age.  I am from homes that were  temporary, starter, dream and downsized.  I am from the fog of starting anew in many places.  I am from the trials of following the unrest of someone else.    I am from change and reinvention. 

I am from the clarity of alpine lakes, from the brilliance of aspens in the fall, from the chill of peaks capped in snow.  I am from the reach of land to clouds and from the solitude of hidden enclaves of wildlife.   I am from where real and wannabe cowboys intersect.  I am from where magnificence sustains.  


I am from unknown strength discovered.  I am from forgiveness given and understanding earned.  I am from the bloom of love and the knowledge of time.   

I am from this place.

46 thoughts on “Where I’m From

  1. you’re also the inspired result of two lives combined into one vessel…amazing bella…honestly…

    now I must steal one word from your blog it will be random and it will be posted tomorrow in your honor… because you do make a difference in not just your words but your efforts to reach out…love your passion…not just your words…

    No mention of where I stole this word, but you will know it since it is a unique element… =) just like you…


  2. Thank you so much for your continued support and encouragement. I enjoy your blog too. Will you let me know what kind of camera and lenses you use? (Common question, but since I am just starting, I ask all the time.) I have been having a problem keeping the white balance correct on my camera and sometimes I come back to my computer to find that all of the photos (particularly of mountains/skies) are washed out. So disappointing! But you don’t have that problem…so..help? I’ve already bought a polarizer, which, to my disappointment, has not given me the results I need. Sometimes the photos are even more washed out WITH it! Is that crazy, or am I crazy? I’d love any words of wisdom. Thanks!

    • Emily, I have a Nikon D90 and use a polarizer. Something about those big dark chunks of mountains against the bright, light sky creates havoc. Sometimes I have to edit the exposure and sometimes they just don’t work out. My technique is to take lots of shots trying different things and hope one turns out. That is probably not very helpful but can’t say that I’ve got it perfected. Just get to take lots of pics and get lucky now and then. My polarizer does help a lot so I’m not sure why yours doesn’t.
      Thanks for stopping in.

  3. Hello,

    Our lady Joy’s same reply to our comments on her latest post, perked my interest to come over to your site…Wow!!

    I am from San Diego. I am also from many of the same life’s journey as you…yes same amount of siblings (a sister in Larkspur, Co.) I’d say that many of us can relate… to have found ourselves having lived some of your beautiful words. Via work I have spent a good thirty years in the presence of the elderly and their wisdom… face to face and personal in their homes. As a stagehand I am around concerts. Adele just performed here, but not at a venue that I work. The revue in the newspaper was totally positive…could not state enough about her “genuine” qualities.

    Thank you for presenting the wonderful photographs and for the beautiful description of the path that you have followed.

    In the spirit of “The Circle of Life” I would like to offer this link to ‘The Poetry Foundation’ and this poem by Maxine Kumin:


  4. oh- and I can’t believe they are your pictures! This is my first time on your blog, and I just assumed the photos were stock, as they are so startlingly gorgeous. I went back and stared at all of them with my mouth open.

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