By God There Will Be Dancing



By God, there will be dancing.

 And with that criterion began the list I titled “What I Want If I
Ever Fall in Love Again.”

I want to dance with someone whether or not either of us really knows
how to dance.  I hope not to care whether anyone is watching when we dance and to want to dance when no one is there to watch. For when I see older couples dancing and take in how they look into each other’s eyes, even now, and how they still fit perfectly into each other’s arms, it makes me want to dance.   

And I want to share laughter.  To giggle, to chuckle, to roll with laughter over funny jokes and over things that happen in life.  I want to share the humor of the everyday and not take things too seriously.   For humor makes it easier to get through the rough spots, makes things interesting, and gives perspective.  

I want to share stories.   Whether those stories are told in words or
pictures, whether of imaginary tales or true confessions, whether they tell
dreams of the future or regrets of the past, I want to share stories.  Stories of what is important as well as stories that are simply good for the telling. 
For by listening to stories and by telling my own, I will understand.  

I want to cry with happiness and to shed tears when hurting.  I want to go out on a limb and allow myself to feel deeply again, even if it means risking another heartbreak. I want my soul to be nourished with my tears of joy and to be restored by my tears of pain.  For just as the rain begets a
rainbow, tears will help me to heal. 

I want to nurture the best in someone and be with someone who will encourage the best in me.  I want to buoy the good things and tolerate the not-so-good.  And I wish to do that without feeling like a martyr and without judgment or criticism. For loving should encompass the whole. 

I want to communicate thoughtfully.  To be open and frank but with care not to hurt.  To not get bogged down in the mundane but to continue deep and intimate conversations.  To listen and not always speak. 
To speak so the other can hear and listen to fully understand.  And to be respectful and continue talking.  For by thoughtful communication, we can say and we can hear what is important.  

I want never to forget to show affection.  I wish to give and receive little acts of love that make good a day and bigger acts of love that make full a lifetime.   I want to always enjoy and show appreciation for the spark that lit when we first met.  For the spark that brought us together should stay ablaze within.

I want to trust in someone’s words and actions. I’d like to know that
what is being said is true, what is being done is honest, and that there is no
hedging on the truth by omitting things I should know.  For without trust, there can be no real intimacy. 

I want to share an interest in life.  I wish to explore, to reach, to never stop learning and growing as a couple and growing as individual people as well.  To keep enthusiastic and passionate about whatever floats the boat.   For without passion and a zeal for life, it becomes dull.   

I want companionship that is comfortable and pleasant.  I would like to walk hand-in-hand with someone through life’s experiences.  I want to spend time doing things we both enjoy.   I want to be with someone who wants to be with me and I would like to want to be with someone.  For it is
friendship that sustains love.

I want to cherish and to be cherished. 
To relish in someone and they in me. 
To treasure them and they treasure me. 
I’d like to feel that all the riches in the world would not be preferred
to our love.  For to love and to be loved
is life’s greatest prize.

And when I fall in love again I want never to forget who I am.  And I wish to keep dancing, laughter, storytelling, crying, nurturing, communication, affection, trust, zeal, companionship and love
in my life happily ever after. 

For that
is who I am. 

29 thoughts on “By God There Will Be Dancing

  1. Rock on sister…..we all deserve these things. Knowing that you want them and holding others to your level of “wanting” will help you achieve all that you desire and deserve.

  2. Wow. You write so beautifully about feelings, emotions and love in general. As someone who has had and still has a long, loving relationship with one terrific woman, my wife, I truly appreciate everything you said. My guess is that a sensitive person like you has touched far more lives than you will ever know.

    Wonderful post.

    • I love that you have enjoyed a long relationship with a terrific woman and that you proudly say so. She is lucky and so are you. Thank you for reading and taking the time to send me such a nice message.

      • Thanks for the kind comment and also for subscribing to my blog. It’s no where near as eloquent as yours but you may get a laugh or two along the way. See you in the blogosphere!

  3. Nice! My favorite one yet.. Way to put that into the universe! I just did the same. 🙂 Love reading your blogs & inspiring me to speak from the heart a little more often. 🙂 Thanks!

  4. My Dad sent this along to me and I’m so glad he did. This is really beautiful writing and truly inspirational content! I look forward to reading more as it is produced…

  5. Stacia, what beautiful thoughts and thank you for sharing them with us. When you hear it put into words, you always think “thats just how I feel”. You have the gift of saying in such a nice way what we feel and don’t even realize it. Thank you for allowing Al and I to be a part of your family. MJ

  6. Your post made me remember all the things I love about my husband (in fact, we do dance together – swing – and it is one of the most wonderful things about our relationship), and all the things I need to remember to cherish. Not only that, it’s beautifully written. I don’t doubt that you will find and keep all of those things. Such beautiful self-awareness will inform and enrich you.

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