Saturday night at Lucky Dog Ranch

Saturday night at Lucky Dog Ranch

I am back at the Lucky Dog Ranch, the place that made me whole again, the place that is bittersweet in its beauty.  It is Saturday night and I am sitting in front of an 8 foot window looking out at a green meadow, a pond with geese visiting, and in the distance, the southern edge of the rugged San Juans.  It is truly beautiful and it makes me feel at peace.

I have spent much of the week reading other blogs, trying to figure out the tech part of blogging, contemplating money-making schemes.  And in the end, on Saturday night, I realize that this blog has nothing to do with income nor flash.  It has only to do with my desire to write of my experiences, for an audience of one.  Me.  It might be that someone else might find this of some vague interest but for the most part it is just a part of me that I wish to share with the part of me that I often tuck away into the dark. 

Many of the blogs I have looked at as I started to develop my own are written by fabulous writers from the East and the West coasts.   They are full of worthwhile information, inspiring images and words.  I enjoy them and admire their authors.  But I am here only to share what I know and to enjoy the process of sharing.  Whether it is only me or someone else comes along for the ride, it doesn’t matter. 

I am reminded, continually, that while we are all connected, we are all very different.  My experiences are far different from those who have had fabulous careers, vocations more lofty, experiences far more exciting.  Yet, I am grateful for my own journey, for what it’s worth, as it has been and continues to be, delightful.  I wouldn’t trade it for a New York minute. 

So here continues my blog……my story……my joys… sorrows….my life.  For me.  And anyone else who wants to come along.

10 thoughts on “Saturday night at Lucky Dog Ranch

  1. Hello Bella! You are so right about blogging. You will get the most enjoyment out of it if you just blog for yourself first. Blog about whatever makes you happy. If other folks come in and enjoy what they are reading, that is just an added bonus. The day that blogging is no longer enjoyable for ME, is the day I will quit and walk away. I love your pics! My favorite place on the planet is our summer getaway of Red River, NM and your photo and header remind me so much of that area. It does NOT look like that around where I live in Texas. Have a great day!

    • Can not bring myself to say hello Idiot so will just say hello. Red River is not terribly far from my Lucky Dog Ranch. Another beautiful place that I am sure you enjoy as a getaway from those hot Texas summers. Thanks for the encouragement and for reading my blog.

  2. I love the beauty you are sharing here! It so easy as a new blogger to get pulled into all the grow your blog, marketing hub-bub. You are on a far better path! Share you heart, your smarts, and all this beauty. I have a feeling readers will naturally come.

  3. I love this! I’ve struggled with the “To Monetize or Not To Monetize” question lately, so this tiny bit from your post spoke volumes to me: “this blog has nothing to do with income nor flash”. A-to-the-men!

    • I am trying hard not to judge the value of my blogging experience on cash or flash. Comments and connections with other bloggers are very encouraging! Thanks.

  4. Thanks for frequenting my little corner! And thanks for the pix – it reminds me that I’ll be in southern Colorado in about a month. I’m looking forward to breathing the thin cold mountain air, so very different than the thick beach air I usually breathe.

  5. Thanks for the comment today and I have to say you’re pics on this blog are fantastic. Are they all yours? I’m a photographer too. Great to meet another strong lady!

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